Faroe Islands

The area of CAA is not rigidly defined and the association is in principle open for anyone who is interested in arctic agriculture. Even though "the Arctic" can be defined - e.g. by the definitions of the Arctic Council - the exact borders will always be diffuse.

The winters in Iceland and Faroe Islands tend to be temperate and mild enough for partial winter grazing of sheep and horses but the summers are generally to cold for apples to ripe. In the continental Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska and Canada the winters are very cold but summer temperatures can easily exceed 30°C (85 F). The Orkneys, although not arctic, have participated in CAA for many years and in fact the agriculture in the Orkneys shares many characteristics of the more northern regions. At the conference in Alta 2010 a group from Lakehead, Ontario contributed with valuable experiences from developing agriculture under northern rural conditions.

This shows that "the arctic" does not have to be confined to the polar region - it is more about the type of challenges we face.

This section contains information about the countries and the regions, which correspond to the circumpolar area. The list is not definite and more regions will be added in near future.