The Circumpolar Agricultural Association is a non-governmental organization concerned with northern agricultural science, practices and policies. It was founded in 1995 in Tromsø, Norway on the ideas set out at the 1st Circumpolar Agricultural Conference (CAC) which was held in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada in 1992. 


The name of the Association shall be Circumpolar Agricultural Association (CAA). The seat of the Association is in the country and city where the Secretariat is established.


The Association is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) as understood by the United Nations definition.


3.1 To organize Circumpolar Agricultural Conferences. 
3.2 To encourage the change of information, material and technology of agriculture and rural development in circumpolar areas. 
3.3 To circulate a newsletter for agriculture and rural development in circumpolar areas. 
3.4 To establish and maintain relations with other organizations whose interests are related to the objectives of the Association.


The membership consists of
4.1 Individual members 
4.2 Institutions, universities, national or subnational organizations, companies etc 
4.3 Affiliated members 
4.3 Honorary members


The organs of the Association shall be
5.1 The General Assembly 
5.2 The Board of Directors


The General Assembly is the highest organ of the Association, both in terms of legislation and decision making. It shall be composed of nominated delegates representing countries or districts in the circumpolar areas.


The Board of Directors is the executive organ of the Association. It shall consist of
7.1 The President 
7.2 The Vice-Presidents (4).

These officers shall be elected in such manner and shall hold office for such term and shall have and enjoy duties, powers and priveleges as may be determined by the bylaws. The Board of Directors shall set up a Secretariat to administer the affairs of the Association.


8.1 The official languages used during the meetings of the General Assembly are English and Russian. 
8.2 The working language of the Secretariat is English.


9.1 Any amendment of these articles shall require the affirmation of two thirds of the votes cast by the members of the General Assembly present and voting. 
9.2 The proposed amendment must be submitted to the Secretariat not less than six months before the meeting at which it is to be considered. The Secretariat shall forward the proposal to the members four months prior to the meeting.


A decision to dissolve the Association shall require the content of at least two thirds of the votes cast by the members present and voting. It may only be taken at a meeting of the General Assembly specially called for this purpose.


11.1 In order to regulate the affairs of the Association, the Board of Directors shall draw up Bylaws and Conference Rules to be approved by the General Assembly. 
11.2 Alterations to these Bylaws and Conference Rules shall only be made by the General Assembly at any of its meetings provided members are advised at least four months in advance by the Secretariat.


This Constitution was adopted by the General Assembly on the 2nd Circumpolar Agricultural Conference, the 5th September 1995.



1.1 Individual members
Any individual created to promote the aims and objectives of the Association.

1.2 Institutions, universities, national or subnational organizations, companies etc.
Any body which promotes the aims and objectives of the Association.

1.3 Affiliated members
Individuals and natioanal or subnational organizations of special interest for the Association

1.4 Honorary members
Distinguished persons who are granted membership. Nomination for such membership shall be made by a national or district delegation to the Board of Directors who shall decide on submission to the General Assembly for approval.

1.5 Application for membership
Application for membership shall be made on special form supplied by the Secretariat.

1.6 Membership of the Association shall terminate
- by voluntary resignation - by not abiding the Constitution and Bylaws - by failing to pay the subscription, unless a special reason for the non payment is given.


2.1 In the General Assembly, representatives of the following countries or districts in the circumpolar area each have three(3) votes; Alaska, Yukon Territorium, North West Territorium, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, North West Russia, Central Northern Siberia, The Sakha Republic (Yakutia), The Far North East Siberia. The General Assembly can accept other countries or districts and decide how many votes they will have. New partners in the assembly can vote on the following setting of the General Assembly.

Decision regarding
- Ammendments of the Constitution, Bylaws and Conference Rules
- Dissolution of the Association
require two thirds of the votes cast. In all other cases, decisions may be taken with simple majority of the votes cast. Voting shall take place by show of hands. Secret votes will be taken if so wished by any delegate.

2.2 No decision of the General Assembly may be made unless there is available a quorum of one third of the number of the total votes.

2.3 The names of the voting delegates and the situation for proxy voting should be notified to the Secretariat in advance of the meeting.

2.4 The President does not vote, except in case a vote is equilly divided. In that case the Precident shall have a casting vote.


3.1 The Generaly Assembly shall meet at least once every year to
3.1.1 consider the progress made towards the goals of the CAA 
3.1.2 consider new goals 
3.1.3 discuss the annual and financial report, the future budget and other general matters of the Association 
3.1.4 have the resolutions of the previous Conference executed and report to the Conference on their result 
3.1.5 approve the budget for the current period 
3.1.6 elect the President, the Vice-Presidents of the Association in accordance with chapter 4 
3.1.7 determine the site of the next Circumpolar Agricultural Conference 
3.1.8 concider and approve the Resolutions proposed at the Conference.

3.2 Extraordinary meetings may be held if requested by one third of the representatives or at request of the Board of Directors.

3.3 The Board of Directors The Board of Directors is the executive organ of the Association. Among its functions are 
3.3.1 to advice the General Assembly on any matter submitted to it 
3.3.2 to make recommendations regarding items to be discussed by the General Assembly 
3.3.3 to approve the minutes of the previous meeting of the Board of Directors 
3.3.4 to recommend to the General Assembly to approve action meant to accomplish the objectives of the Association mentioned in the Constitution 
3.3.5 The Board of Directors shall meet immediately before and immediately after each General Assembly meeting, and as often as required througout the period.

3.4 The Secretariat The site of the secretariat shall be decided by the General Assembly following a recommendation from the Board of Directors.


4.1. The President and Vice- Presidents shall be nominated and elected from among the members of the General Assembly. Their term of office shall commence the day after the Conference is closed and terminate at the end of the day the subsequent Conference ends. Written nominations must have reached the Secretariat three months prior to the meeting during which the election take place.

4.2 All elections shall take place at the meetings of the General Assembly by secret ballot. For the election of a candidate, an absolute majority is required. In case no nominee receives a majority of the votes cast, the two nominees who have received the highest number of votes shall be retained and new ballot take place.

4.3 The President shall be elected for a period of three years and cannot be reelected.

4.4 At the General Assembly, the place of a delegate who is elected President shall be taken by another representative from the same country or district.

4.5 Three of the Vice-Presidents shall be elected to represent each of the folllowing regions; The Northern America, The Northern Europe west of Russia and The Northern Russia / Siberia. The forth Vice- President can be elected without representing any particular region.

4.6 Nominations of the Vice- Presidents shall be made by the members of the Association within each region. All Vice-Presidents shall be elected for a period of three years with the possibility of once reelection for a second term of three years.

4.7 Replacement of the President If the President is unable to act or is removed from office, The General Assembly shall elect, at its next meeting, a new President. Until a new President is elected, The Vice- President who is senior in office shall act as interim President. If there are two or more Vice- Presidents of the same seniority, a decision is reached by drawing lots.


5.1 The duties of the President are: 
5.1.1 To promote the activities of the Association. 
5.1.2 To represent the Association. 
5.1.3 To preside over meetings of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

5.2 The duties of the Vice- Presidents are: 
5.2.1 To represent the Association in their region. 
5.2.2 To promote the Circumpolar Agricultural Association in their region. 
5.2.3 To maintain regular contact with the members of the Association in their region, to attend the annual meetings of the General Assembly and submit to this body and activity report. 
5.2.4 On request of the majority of officers, to replace the President in the event the latter being unable to act. 
5.2.5 To carry out any special tasks which the President may assign to them.

5.3 The duties of the secretariat are: 
5.3.1 To prepare the minutes of the meetings of the General Assembly, The Board of Directors and subcommittees and forward these to the members. 
5.3.2 To forward documents to the members in order to keep them informed about the activities of the Association. 
5.3.3 To conduct correspondance on all matters of concern to the Association. 
5.3.4 To execute the decisions of the President. 
5.3.5 To prepare an annual report on the Associations Activities during the preceding period in good time before the meeting of the General Assembly. 
5.3.6 To collect the contributions of members, render an annual account of income and expenses of the Association and pay the expenses of the Secretaiat. 
5.3.7 To elaborate an annual budget of income and expenditure in accordance with the items approved by the General Assembly and report the results of the previous financial year.

5.4 Duties of the delegates to the General Assembly. 
5.4.1 To promote the activities of the Association in their country or district. 
5.4.2 To provide information about the national activities. 
5.4.3 To ensure that the subscription are promptly paid. 
5.4.4 To make efforts to encourage individuals and organizations to join the Circumpolar Agricultural Association.


6.1 Association Fund The Fund of the Association is constituted from annual subsciptions of members, income from the Associations capital, from Conferences and donations.

6.2 Subscription Members shall pay into the Fund of the Association the subscriptions which shall become due on 1st January of each year or, in the case of members joining during the year, from the date of joining. The rate of subsciption shall be determined by the General Assembly based on recommendation of the Board of Directors.

6.3 Use of the Fund The Fund of the Association meets the expenses approved by the General Assembly.


The Bylaws may be amended by the General Assembly provided

7.1 written notice of the amendments is circulated to the members at least four months prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered,

7.2 two thirds of the votes cast by the delegates are in favour of the amendments.


These bylaws were adopted by the General Assembly of the Association 5th September, 1995.