Livestock Diversity

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Many of the Arctic regions have their own unique animal breeds. Iceland hosts unique breeds of cattle, horses and sheep - found nowhere else in the world and the country has fought hard to limit the import of genetic material from abroad. Although the main reason for this is the fear of animal diseases, preservation of biodiversity certainly plays some role.

In a recent article in Take part, a broader view is taken on the value of biodiversity for the future of agriculture. It is e.g. mentioned that in 2007 there were only 525 breeding cows of the Yakutian dairy breed in Siberia. Why is this important? It is because the time may come, when we have a desperate need for some of the genetic traits which are preserved in the Yakutian cows. Perhaps we find there resistance agains a now unknown disease, perhaps we will need their secrets to survive in -50°C. The main thing is, that when they are lost - they are lost for ever.  

Published: 7/7/2013  
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