Fertile Ground

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Vital Signs is a community check-up conducted by community foundations across Canada. It was first started by the Toronto Community Foundation in 2001, after a group of civic leaders came up with a new way to engage their community in understanding and monitoring the health and vitality of Toronto on an ongoing basis. In 2006, Vital Signs became a national program and it continues to grow every year, both across Canada and internationally.

Every year, Vital Signs publish a national report on burning issues. T
his year’s Vital Signs report, Fertile Ground: Sowing the seeds of change in Canada's food system, explores our relationship with food and asks how communities can mobilize locally to build a better food system for the future. 

The report is an important contribution to the ever lasting discussion about food security and food availability. The following infographic explains some of the most burning points:


Published: 10/9/2013  
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