Where is the spring?

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While not having news from the rest of the arctic, it is notable that Norway, Iceland and Alaska are definitely facing far colder spring than in normal year. In Northern Iceland lambing season is due to start any time now, and many places everything is still covered in snow. Not only the fields, but the outdoor stacks of round-bales, the tractors, the houses: Everything! Just take a look at this short clip from the Icelandic national TV; sure, it is in Icelandic, but you will understand the photos. The 2nd of May, a 36 year old record fell in the North-East of Iceland when temperature fell down to -17,6 °C (0,3 °F). This is the lowest temperature for May ever recorded. 

Meanwhile in Alaska, records are also falling. At Fairbanks International Airport, the temperature was measured -18,9 °C  (-2°F) Sunday the 28th of April, breaking the old record from 1924. The normal high temperature for April 28 in Fairbanks is 53 degrees F. That Sunday's high temperature was 37 °F. If the weather will not improve soon, there will be considerable effect on agriculture in Alaska this spring. 

Norway saw a new record for the inland of Finnmark. In a place called Suolovuopmi in Kautokeino , the frost went down to -32,8 °C (-25,6 °F). The measurements in this area only go back to 1963, but this is the coldest measurement in April ever recorded. 

It would be interesting to hear from more places in the arctic how things are this spring - is it cold everywhere? Has global warming forgot us????

Published: 5/4/2013  
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